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Initiative One Podcast

Oct 18, 2018

It's late, and I'm tired. What the FAQ did we talk about? I think there were some FAQing articles...oh yeah, Prince F (and his new nickname) and the Obscenes. We definitely talked about those.

There was something else that we added in at the last FAQing minute...what was it? Oh yeah, the new tournament regulations (quad party tents!). Hmm...seems like that wasn't all. OH YEAH NEW FAQ! After a long time, we finally have clarification on a ton of things, thanks FFG (completely unironically). 

Players going in to Worlds got a ton of questions answered...almost everything. We answer the only big question I know of still with help from a sentence diagram.

We wrap it up with a brief look at Worlds deployments and objectives, talk a little about what we expect, and I think we even gave a few FAQing brilliant insights to help the players who are going.

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