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Initiative One Podcast

Feb 22, 2018

With our store champs coming up, we look at everything we've gathered about others that have happened already. Reviewing the winners, common things we have seen between armies, and general trends gives us some ideas about the shape of the current meta. Hopefully we can give you some ideas about what to expect, what to try, and maybe something new to put on the table. We wrap up with general tournament tips from our experiences. 

We would love to hear your tournament tips as well, so put them on our Facebook page if you get a chance!

All the winners we talked about on the episode are in this document:

Store Championships map:

Email us at:, check out our Facebook page at:,or Tweet at us @InitOnePodcast. 

As we said, we are still interested in store champs results, so keep hitting us up with them.

Thanks for listening!


"Colossus" "Crossing the Chasm" "Five Armies" Kevin MacLeod (

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