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Initiative One Podcast

Jan 11, 2018

No Runewars news since December 4th, and no Initiative One episode since December 13th? They must both be cancelled! In all seriousness though, check out our second listener-driven discussion. We chat about play styles, army builds, strategies, and do some deep soul-searching about the roots of our Reanimate hate. Were we wrong all this time? Find out on this episode!

Don't forget - check our our tournament stream on Saturday, 1/20, starting at 11:00am EST. Links will be on our Facebook page and the FFG forums.

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Let us know what you think of the show, tell us what topics you are interested in hearing us talk about on future episodes, or just say hi! 

Thanks for listening!


"Colossus" "Crossing the Chasm" "Five Armies" Kevin MacLeod (

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