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Initiative One Podcast

Mar 8, 2018

We catch up on a few more Store Championships since our last episode, and do a recap of ours from February 24th. Uthuk have moved in to first place for wins that we know of, followed closely by Latari, and Daqan finally breaks out of their slump and earns a couple wins!

What can stop the Uthuk? We talk about what we have seen from them so far and speculate about strategies to deal with them, and how accurate our predictions from our Uthuk review were (Spined Threshers: nailed it). 

With Store Championships wrapping up soon, we look ahead a little bit to what's next. We also have a Discord server now, and the link is on our Facebook page, so come chat with us!

All the winners we talked about on the episode are in this document:

Store Championships map:

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"Colossus" "Crossing the Chasm" "Five Armies" Kevin MacLeod (

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